Become the Key Ingredient

When you walk into BRIO Tuscan Grille you are met with a warm smile and the promise of an amazing Italian meal! Our menu features fresh, prepared to order classic dishes from regional Italian recipes and the ambiance mirrors that of a lively family gathering. The common ingredient that creates our comforting Guest environment is the wonderful Team at BRIO Tuscan Grille! Just like we nurture our dishes, we nurture our Team Members. We want YOU to be one of our Key Ingredients!

"I love Brio because everything matters and it matters to everyone." -- Brian W.
General Manager
Brian W.
"When I came to Brio, I was looking for a second job, but I found a second family. I look forward to seeing so many of the friends I have made from the Team to the Managers and even repeat Guests. The Brio environment has become incredibly special to me." -- Kristen G.
Kristen G.
"Working for Brio has truly given me the opportunity to pursue my passion for hospitality." -- Mekki F.
Assistant Manager
Mekki F.
"Their commitment to food quality and passion for service make Brio truly a great place to work." -- Jason H.
Executive Chef
Jason H.
"When I began my career with Brio I was truly impressed with our incredibly high standards. We are set apart from our competitors for endless reasons, however the most notably in my opinion by the entire restaurant's passion for the Guest's experience." -- Allison B.
Sous Chef
Allison B.